How would you describe your style?
I draw inspiration from many different places. I love the raw emotion of photojournalism and the seductive look of editorial portraits.  I am inspired by the contrast, lighting and natural backdrops found in some of my favorite fine art paintings. My biggest inspiration is the connection between human beings and nature. In my photos, I aim to capture the subtle energy which dances between people when they are in love and to reflect back to them their own depth and unique creative expression.

How do I reserve my session or wedding date?
Before making it official, I love being able to sit down and get to know my potential clients. Having your portrait taken is a very intimate experience so it is vitally important that you and your photographer vibe well together so you feel as comfortable as possible. This is how beautiful, natural images are created. After we chat, whether in person, via Skype or Facetime, or even over the phone, all you’ll need to set your date is a signed contract and the reservation fee, which is 50% of your package price.

How far in advance do you book? Normally couples book anywhere from 1-1.5 years out for weddings and 2-3 months for portrait sessions.

Do you travel?  YES, I LOVE to travel, in fact I encourage it! I will go as far as I am needed, with proper notice of course. Inquire with me for a custom quote!

Are engagement photos really necessary? A lot of people think that engagement photos are just a trendy thing that everyone does to celebrate their engagement or send out save the dates, but in reality the most beneficial reason to do an engagement session is to have a practice run with your photographer. It always takes people a while to warm up in front of the camera, so come your wedding day you will feel like a seasoned professional and will be more able to be present in the moment. I always suggest that you work with the same photographer for your engagement and wedding photos whenever possible!

What are the benefits of doing a ‘First Look’? A “First Look” is when a couple decides to see each other before the wedding ceremony. Although this goes against most old traditions, it has become a new tradition for many couples. What I notice is that couples who do a first look seem much more relaxed throughout the entire wedding day. Most of the time this allows us to do all of the portraits before the ceremony, which then allows the couple to have more time after to be apart of the festivities. If you are a laid back couple who doesn’t want to be stressed for time I highly recommend considering this option!

How will my photos be delivered?
I provide all of my clients with an online gallery where all of your edited images will be displayed. Clients are able to choose their own photos for printing, share with their loved ones, or download digital files.

What’s your time frame for preparing the pictures for my selection? Your viewing site will be ready in 3-4 weeks for portrait sessions and 6-8 weeks for weddings.

How many pictures do you take during a session/wedding?
Although it probably sounds great to take home 2000 wedding photos or 500 images from a portrait session, trust me, too many photos is extremely overwhelming. I make sure to capture the essence of your session or event without bombarding you with unnecessary outtakes. I guarantee my clients at least 50 shots per hour, which is plenty to tell a story or create a beautiful album.

Who is your ideal client? Is there anyone you are uncomfortable photographing?
I enjoy working with people from all walks of life. It’s honestly the best part of my job.  My “ideal client” has less to do with style or aesthetics, and more do to with their intentions and personality. My clients tend to be laid back, creative, deep people who love nature and are looking to capture something more sentimental than just another pretty photo. While I do appreciate a well designed wedding or a well dressed couple, my primary focus is much more on my subjects and the love between them.  I believe that true love knows no gender, color, or culture. I am open to working with anyone who likes to have fun!

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