Boudoir photography that’s an authentic expression of you

An Embodiment Session is a gender and body-affirming boudoir portrait experience. It’s a space for you to play, explore, and connect deeply with your body. Meanwhile I’ll create images that are an authentic expression of you in this moment. I believe that boudoir should be just as intentional and personal as any other genre of photography. That’s why I’ll work closely with you to create the experience you’ll find most fulfilling.

Outside of boudoir photography, I’m also an intimacy coach. I’m well-versed in supporting people in vulnerable spaces. On a practical level, that means I have tools to help you relax and have fun at your Embodiment Session. If you’re feeling anxious, I can guide you through breathing techniques and help you settle into your body. I want you to have whatever you need to feel fully comfortable and present. 

In a less concrete but equally important way, I can hold your hand through this experience. We’ll create a space that’s expansive, exploratory, and experimental. You can shed the old and grow into your newer, truer self. You get to decide who you want to be and how you want to be seen. Boudoir photography is a way to celebrate the phase of life you’re stepping into.


There’s a reason why these are called embodiment sessions. I left feeling more embodied and connected to my true self. Mackensey’s presence has a gorgeous way of gently exposing truth, photographing it, and offering empowered support in the most vulnerable of spaces along the way. This shoot was far more emotional and transformative than I anticipated. I felt celebrated, acknowledged and embraced by Mackensey in the raw corners and vast multitudes of my being. Transforming fear and insecurity into love and acceptance is a profoundly powerful gift to receive. It feels so fucking good to be seen.



Embodiment sessions are more than just a series of photos; they are a powerful healing tool. Mackensey knows how to hold space for people in whatever way they need, and she intuitively can feel into your energy and be present with you. I can honestly say that this was an incredible experience for me and I have never felt so beautiful as I felt in the photos. I felt loved, seen, and held. Mackensey was encouraging and kind, and she made me feel completely at ease in front of the camera. She really held space for me to express myself, and she saw me as my highest self, and reflected my strength back to me. I felt really at ease and comfortable being fully authentic. I found self love and empowerment through this experience and Mackensey documented that energy expertly. It was a special experience for me, and I truly will treasure those photos for a lifetime, and use them as reminders of who I am and who I want to be.


I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Mac!  I tremendously appreciated how there was no judgement, pressure, or expectations for our session. It was completely focused on what made me feel good, confident, and comfortable - what my interpretation of “embodiment and boudoir” is.  She was incredibly adept at making me feel comfortable in front of the camera. She checked in throughout the shoot and was just all around an ease and joy to work with. While I knew I would end up with beautiful images, what I wasn’t expecting was to gain the perspective that seeing myself through Mac’s lenses would bring. Her ability to see people in their best and most authentic light truly comes through on film. I had no idea I would leave my experience with such a renewed sense of self. Each photo is like a talisman and reminder of that view, and I am extremely appreciative to have them. If you have the opportunity to shoot with Mac, DO IT!

Being a natural introvert, I didn’t know what to really expect from Mackensey’s embodiment sessions. Right of the back her energy and spirit was warm and intuitive. She created a safe space of love and open communication. After spending a good portion of my own life at odds with my physical being, from not being taught proper self love from a young age, trauma, society, and expectations, it’s always been a battle for my own self-acceptance. When I saw the pictures I smiled and cried a little because I saw my own raw unfiltered beauty completely unique to only me. I recall the feelings I had during the session, being out in quiet nature it had lifted many burdens and was wonderfully freeing. Whenever I look at these I will be reminded of that feeling. I have immense gratitude for Mackensey and this experience. 


Since having 3 little boys I’ve felt so much insecurity with my body and the way things have changed physically. After speaking with Mackensey about the possibility of doing an embodiment photoshoot, she opened up my eyes to a world I’d never even heard of. I suddenly was in front of the camera (which is rare being a photographer myself) and felt a sense of security that I’d not felt in so long. Once I viewed my gallery I cried happy tears...and not only because I LOOKED beautiful but because Mackensey made me feel absolutely beautiful.


Honest Words from Inspiring Humans

Embodiment Session


These portrait sessions are a great way to honor yourself and your relationship to your body, to capture the connection between you and your lover, and can be used as a facilitator of healing and personal transformation.


  • Pre-session planning expertise, including 1-2 consultation calls
  • 2-3 hours of shooting, time for 3-4 outfits
  • A mix of digital, 35mm + Polaroid film scans
  • Adult beverages + CBD water to calm your nerves
  • Professional posing guidance throughout the session
  • Zoom image reveal within 6 weeks of your session where you can invest in printed products or additional digital collections
  • A minimum of 50 edited digital images of your choice, with printing rights, delivered through a password protected, online gallery

In short, I’ve designed this comprehensive experience so you can sink into it and truly be present without sweating the details.

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I deeply value transparency in every part of your boudoir photography experience. That starts here with a look at my booking process.

01 Booking

Fill out the inquiry form on my Contact Page. From there, select dates for your session. Pay your $500 retainer fee, and you’re officially on the books.

02 Prep

Before the session, you can schedule a call with my stylist. She’ll build your custom style guide and mood board based on your style and goals.

03 The Session

We'll talk about your intentions for the session as well as your boundaries, poses, and more. There will be music, lots of weird dance moves, and, of course, lots of laughs.

04 Image Reveal

Six weeks after your Embodiment Session we will meet via Zoom for your image reveal! You will leave with a gallery of all the edited images.

Let’s collaborate on your empowering experience.

Whether you’re looking for a solo boudoir photography session or photos with your partner(s), I’m here to help you design an intentional experience.

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Embodiment sessions are open to people of all genders, races, sizes, and orientations who are ready to invest in themselves and this experience.


Not unless that’s what YOU want! I would never pressure anyone to go beyond the “edge” of their personal comfort zone. These sessions are about celebrating your connection to your body and sensuality, but that’s going to look completely different for everyone. Wear whatever makes you feel sexy/powerful/soft/confident (however you want to feel for your portraits.) Normally I have everyone start with their clothing on, or at least partially clothed and then if they decide they want to go for the nude shots we do those towards the end of the session. I will be reminding you throughout the experience that you have consent at ALL times.


When you book your session you can choose between an in studio session or an outdoor session. My studio is located in Savannah, Georgia. If you'd like to do 2 locations you can do both inside and outside for an extra $350 fee. I have a beautiful studio available and am also open to in home sessions depending on the lighting in your home. Also, when I travel I rent kick ass air bnb's to facilitate out of town sessions as well! The most important thing is to make sure wherever you decide to shoot is a location that you feel comfortable and can relax and focus on your senses and connection to your body.


Yes! I encourage people to share their Embodiment sessions especially if they want to split the financial investment or are just nervous about the experience and feel that having someone there would make them more comfortable. These sessions are also open to couples or people in multiple partnerships! I only ask that we keep the number of people under 3 unless you have a special circumstance, in which case I’m open to discussion.


My studio is located in Savannah, Georgia but I LOVE to travel! I am frequently in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, but I will travel anywhere. Stay connected with me on social media or visit my website to sign up for my newsletter to follow my travel dates. I am also available to shoot at retreats, and you won't have to beg me to hard to come on vacation with you. Reach out for a custom travel quote!


This experience is an investment in yourself, so I ABSOLUTELY DO. Payment plans are a seamless option to pay off your product in 2 - 4 payments.


The safety of my client's is my top priority and I empower you to keep your images private if that feels best for you. If you choose to give sharing permission, you remain in control on what images. Basically, I never share a single image without your explicit permission. A standard model release is included in every contract, where you can approve sharing or leave blank. You can opt to not have any images shared, you can opt for only specific images, or you can opt for only images not showing your face, etc. to be shown. Either way, your safety, comfort, and security are my top priorities. Your images will be kept completely confidential if you request that. Lastly, I never tag you in any shared photos, unless of course you want to be!